Strategic Planning

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Woodland Park School District is excited to engage in a Strategic Planning process that will influence all future, developing, and existing initiatives and innovations.   Our goal is to develop a robust strategic plan that drives the district’s day-to-day work and articulates a compelling message: When a preschooler enters our doors, what kind of promise can we deliver on by the time he or she graduates from high school?


Key criteria for the strategic plan should:

  • Reflect the values, outcomes, priorities, and wisdom of our community;
  • Capitalize on the promising work already underway throughout the district;
  • Be a dynamic, living document that is regularly revisited and updated;
  • Engage the Board of Education strategically as a governing body to set the long-term vision; and
  • Include a process for development and monitoring of the plan that takes into account the available resources within the district.


Overall Process and Timelines

  • Phase 1: November 2nd & 3rd  – Gather Input from Community Focus Groups
    • Purpose: Gather and summarize focus group input regarding values, desired outcomes, and priorities for the Woodland Park School District Re-2 to inform the development of a community survey and ultimately a multi-year strategic plan.
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  • Phase 2: December 2016 – Survey Community
  • Phase 3: Winter 2016-2017 – Develop and Prioritize Strategic Objectives
  • Phase 4: Spring 2017 – Develop Robust Strategic Design
  • Implementation: 2017-18 School Year


Strategic Planning Resources


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